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Sumter County Opportunity, Inc. believes in education along with the socialization of children interacting with one another. Whether you have a 0-1 year old or a 5 year old, we are committed to provide your child the attention and care he or she deserves and will help to develop their skills.


The Mission of Sumter County Opportunity, Inc. is to reduce the effects of poverty on low-income children and to provide high-quality preschool comprehensive services to children and families.


Sumter County Opportunity, Inc. is a charitable public-benefit Alabama 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation; based in Livingston, Alabama; serving the community through Head Start Program services for over 40 years. Each year, Sumter County Opportunity, Inc. serves approximately five hundred pre-school children (0-5 years) from disadvantaged and low-income families from thirteen remote locations.


According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary 

Opportunity: an amount of time or a situation in which something can be done.

1: a favorable juncture of circumstances

2: a good chance for advancement or progress

Sumter County Opportunity, Inc. was founded upon the principle that every child and family served will have a more favorable path of circumstances and a good chance for advancement and progress throughout their lives.

During our over fifty years of service, Sumter County Opportunity, Inc. Head Start Program pre-schoolers have graduated and grown-up as adults to achieve the following life milestones:

  • High School Graduation Diploma
  • First to attend college in the family
  • College or University Graduation Degree
  • College or University Post-Graduate Degree
  • Marriage and family
  • Professional or gainful employment
  • First-Time Home Ownership
  • Military Service
  • Business Ownership

We are working together towards a brighter future for children, families and community.

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Click here to Download a copy of the Sumter County Opportunity, Inc. 2018-2019 Annual Report for our Head Start / Early Head Start Programs.

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